WhatsApp on iPad

While we all love our instant messengers, WhatsApp seems to be the current favourite in India. A good testimony to that is the billions of messages sent on New Year’s causing a major meltdown of the servers.

On the phone, it is a great app, but every now and then one feels the need for a larger screen. WhatsApp is clearly aware of that and has created a version for most web browsers and even desktop editions for Mac and Windows.

This, however, leaves out the folks with iPads. I’m not sure if this is an Apple thing or a WhatsApp thing, but it sure would be nice to get a working WhatsApp on the iPad.

In the meantime, here’s a simple hack. It requires you to have a phone with WhatsApp running on it and it makes use of the phone just like the web version does. The problem is when you open web.whatsapp.com on the iPad it just takes you to their main site.img_0229

The trick around this is to get the iPad to show you the “desktop” site instead of the mobile/iPad site. From the menu on the top right, select “Request Desktop Site”.


You should now get the familiar screen with the QR code to be scanned by the phone.


The rest of the process is pretty much the same as you would use for a desktop browser. Use the app on the phone to scan the QR code and you should be all set.


Enjoy the goodness of a large screen, till Apple or WhatsApp or both release an app for the iPad. In the meantime, don’t blame me for wasting more time on it.

Update: One of the reasons I wrote this post was the impending launch of WhatsApp for Business. I assumed that with India and Brazil both being big consumers of WhatsApp, they would actually launch the product in these markets first. Well, they did launch, but not yet in India. Hoping it happens soon.


A Leak Year

Barely a week into the year and we are already seeing major security issues cropping up. While 2018 is not a leap year, my gut says it will be another leak year.

The year started with a bang. Spectre and Meltdown came into our lives affecting computers, mobiles and even the cloud. These are complex vulnerabilities, and enough and more has been written about them. One thing is clear though, the time has come to reboot chip design with security in mind. In the meantime, manufacturers are scrambling to patch the vulnerabilities and the rest of us are celebrating them. Love the two logos created by Natascha Eibl for these. Welcome to #chipmageddon


Next up we have Aadhaar. Has it leaked or not? Saying there is a breach could now have the cops after you, but a lot of people are losing faith rapidly. Wonder what the next steps would be, scrap it and start over, or keep linking with every aspect of our lives! IMHO, it is time for an Aadhaar 2.0.

It is a grim start, let’s hope it gets better. If it doesn’t don’t say I didn’t warn you.