Canon’s Latest – The EOS RP

Entry-level Mirrorless Camera

The trend is very clear — manufacturers are slowly moving away from classic DSLRs to the new breed of mirrorless cameras. Canon is no exception. The EOS RP is a step in that direction, an entry-level full-frame, mirrorless camera. That is the best way to describe the latest offering from Canon. In the Canon family, its closest sibling would be the EOS 6D Mark II.

Canon EOS RP

As would be expected from Canon, the build and quality of the camera are top class — a magnesium alloy body, very ergonomically designed. The surprising part is how easily it seems to fit a variety of hands; big or small, the camera just feels right. I did have a little trouble with the AF-ON button at the back; I felt that it should be a little more to the left, but that is more a personal preference.

Getting started with the EOS RP, the only thing that feels odd is the electronic viewfinder, but that is true for all mirrorless cameras. Once you overcome that, it is actually a very comfortable camera to use. It is packed with features and shooting a variety of styles is very easy. In fact, as an entry-level camera, it does provide many modes to get you going, including portrait, food, sports, landscape, etc. An AI-based intelligent auto is also available and it does make some pleasing images with very little effort.

For the photographer who needs to be in full-control, it does offer the standard shutter priority, aperture priority and of course, full manual mode.

The addition of WiFi is also very handy as one can shoot and transfer to a computer or even to a phone, making the photos available instantly to share.

The EOS RP produces some pleasing and punchy JPGs straight out of the camera. The RAW files the professionals crave is a matter that still needs to be resolved. Most popular photo editing software is not as yet able to support the new CR3 file format. Updates will surely fix that, but for now either stick to JPGs or use a convertor.

The most interesting development along with the mirrorless cameras is the introduction of new lenses. Canon, not to be left behind, has started bringing some superb lenses to the collection. The RF 24-105 mm f/.4 is one such lens and can be bought with the body as a kit. Sharp and with an exceptional build quality, it would be the one lens you buy along with the camera. The lens also introduces a control ring which can be customised for your shooting preferences, which makes it very handy indeed.

The question is, who is the intended audience for the EOS RP? A great camera for a beginner or a general shooter or a traveller? The problem is the price. While it may be the cheapest full-frame camera on the market, it will be beyond most beginners’ budgets. At just under ₹2 lakh for the body along with a lens kit, there will be many other choices. Not mirrorless and not full-frame, but many good options even in the Canon stable. For professionals, this camera does fall short — single card slot for images and a tiny battery at best for not more than 200 shots — it will be difficult to justify even as a second camera.

Price: ₹1,10,495 for body, with lens kit is ₹1,99,490

Pros: Punchy images, light-weight, good auto-focus, wireless connectivity

Cons: RAW image support and quality needs to be resolved, tiny battery and poor battery life, slow burst modes, expensive

First published in Hindu Businessline on May 22, 2019


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