Who’s the VIP?

Us or Them?

I think India needs to seriously reexamine the concept of VIPs. Currently, a politician, a government official or a Bollywood celebrity are the VIPs. They get away with murder, they get away with scams, they make obscene amounts of money and yet want all the freebies and priveleges. On the toll roads they want an exemption, at the airport they want the parking closest to the terminal and of course they don’t want to pay!

The weird part is they make their pots of money from the tax that you and I pay. Yet when it comes to the priveleges, all we get is barked at by the police, the security forces and the rest of them, all of whom are paid only because we paid tax!

You tell me who’s the VIP?


News gone wrong

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…And Justice For All

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Happy Diwali

A very Happy Diwali and prosperous new year ahead. Be safe!

Celebrate the Genius

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Embedded Professional

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