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Smart Homes for Smart People

With everything being smart these days, why should homes be left behind? A good place to start with home automation is most certainly with lights. We all have a need for lights and they are usually all over the house. Now if we can start controlling them with our phones or voices or even with…

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WhatsApp on iPad

While we all love our instant messengers, WhatsApp seems to be the current favourite in India. A good testimony to that is the billions of messages sent on New Year’s causing a major meltdown of the servers. On the phone, it is a great app, but every now and then one feels the need for…

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A Leak Year

Barely a week into the year and we are already seeing major security issues cropping up. While 2018 is not a leap year, my gut says it will be another leak year. The year started with a bang. Spectre and Meltdown came into our lives affecting computers, mobiles and even the cloud. These are complex vulnerabilities,…

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