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Updates, upgrades and older news

Lots has been happening (apart from the fact that I am lazy), the iPhone 3G was launched in India and everyone went gaga over it. I was asked for an opinion for NDTV and I am sure what I said they would not have aired! I did actually want to blog about the iPhone but in retrospect I decided against it. I don’t much care for the device or the phone. But I will say that the iPod touch is certainly a nice gadget, A friend of mine said “if only they put a phone in it…” and I said “Thank God, it does not have a phone…” so you can see both sides of the story. A few days of intense hype and then everyone has forgotten about it. The streets don’t seem to be filled with people using iPhones, Apple, Airtel and Vodafone may need to rethink on how they are going to sell it.

Next big wave was Google’s Chrome! I enjoyed reading the comic but thats where it ended. No linux version and though it is now reported to run on wine I have not yet bothered with it. I’ll stick with Firefox for now and revisit this at some point of time. I do have access to a windows desktop, but have not yet tried Chrome or IE8 on that as yet. There are more important things to do. 😉

This morning I woke up to discover yet another WordPress update. my last upgrade was excessively smooth and painless, not that I have ever had an issue on the upgrade before. But last time I used a neat plugin which deserves a special mention – WordPress Automatic Upgrade its just brilliant. It forces you to take a backup, deactivates all plugins, upgrades from the latest WordPress and then reinstates everything. Literally, a few clicks and you are done. I just love it, since I somehow seem to be volunteered into maintaining a bunch of WordPress sites.

Finally, only 76 days to go for FOSS.IN/2008. Thats one of the things that is keeping me a bit busy and awake at night. Do keep a look out for announcements and other happenings on FOSS.IN.

In the meantime, back to work…