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Raj Mathur

What a very very sad day. I lost a dear friend, Raj Mathur.

People who knew and have met Raj will always remember him as a lively and humourous person – brutally honest and a man of principles.

Raj was a founder member of the Indian Linux Users Group and a very active member of the Free and Open Source community. Well respected and extremely knowledgable, he was often sought after for advice which he readily dispersed.

Raj loved to have fun and encouraged everyone around him to do the same. He loved his food, his movies, his music and being with friends and family.

A brilliant hacker and much respected for his pioneering work, he will be missed by one and all.

Raj’s IM status always stated “Permanently out to lunch”, this is one time he will not return 🙁

Rest in peace, Raj “Oldmonk” Mathur.

freed.in/2008 Day Zero

Today was Day 0. Murphy our good friend (of Murphy’s Law fame) of course has to be there and we had our share of things going wrong, but if they didn’t what fun would an event be. At least for the volunteers part of the excitement comes for the stuff that happens backstage that nobody gets to see. Day 0 does have some of the speakers landing up an experiencing the problems as well. In all, it was good fun day. There were some minor changes in the schedule. The usual confusion for speakers arriving at the airport, one of them was asked to wait under a “neem” tree, some of the innocently asked “…are you tired?…” and then convinced to come to the venue only to get back to the hotel by 2200 hrs.

Though it was late for dinner, they did manage to order in pizza’s and a good time was had. Jace
was the only one carrying a camera today but you can expect photos to start coming up soon enough.

Tomorrow should be an even more fun filled day, so come and be a part of it.

See you at freed.in/2008.


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