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Howzatt – All out for no loss!

The umpire got out twice, the wicket-keeper scored a goal, the batsmen stumped the fielder and the gibberish just goes on. I must admit, that my knowledge of cricket is not that bad, but it does tend to go awry when I go to a (dare I say the word) pub! Last week there was an interesting meeting of some folks who work on the OpenMoko platform, of course the choice of venue was even more interesting. We decided to meet at India’s only micro-brewery Howzatt. As the name suggests, its full of cricket to the brim.

Under normal circumstances, watching cricket while having a few beers with friends, is not an issue at all. In fact, it can be quite enjoyable. But put together a bunch of opensource geeks, add some good old classic rock and some good beer, then the last thing you want is to be constantly distracted by the cricket. If you can hear yourself, you’d rather be talking tech than watching cricket.

So maybe the venue needed to be reconsidered, except all of us are ardent beer-drinkers and very definitely wanted to check the place out.

The beer was not just good it was great, the only issue and a real disappointment was the fact that they only had one brew for most of the evening. Something they called “Yorker” which was a light lager. Fresh and light is how I would describe it. The pitchers disappeared at a rapid rate, I guess everyone found the beer light. Our server appeared with a sample of the other beer (don’t remember the name) for the evening, but the difference in taste was so subtle that we just stuck with Yorker. The big disappointment was also in the fact that there were no dark beers. We were assured that this was essentially due to the cricket season and the fact that the dark beers are so popular that they were just completely sold out. A brew called “Bouncer” was mentioned a few times but was not available.

I guess thats a good reason to go back sometime. A few more critical details, a pitcher of beer (1.5 ltrs) is just under Rs.300/- plus taxes, food is good but expensive and we mainly stuck with snacks. We also got a free tour of the place which was quite nice, we got to see the beer making process though rather briefly, some avid cricket fans were getting quite irritated at people blocking their screens at critical moments talking about beer and how its made!

In all if you are in or around Gurgaon, then do drop in to Howzatt!