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Title : The Nice Guys.
Director : Shane Black
Release : May 15, 2016
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Runtime : 116 min
Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Thriller.

Synopsis :
‘The Nice Guys’ is a movie genre Action, Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Thriller, was released in May 15, 2016. Shane Black was directed this movie and starring by Russell Crowe. This movie tell story about A private eye investigates the apparent suicide of a fading porn star in 1970s Los Angeles and uncovers a conspiracy.

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Belated Independence Day Greetings

While the country was gearing up to celebrate the 61st Independence Day, I had a sheer dependence on technology. I was helping a client migrate their mail server, (it had to be shifted from one data centre to another) which was taking a little longer than usual. I finally landed up staying up almost till 0400 hrs. Not that its unusual, but I do like to get to bed before dawn.

Anyways, while waiting for some things to happen, I kept wondering if there was an easier way to manage the three servers in question. In particular, I needed an easy way to type the same command on all three machines at the same time. They are identical servers, just that they are in three different locations. Google to the rescue and a few minutes later I was installing ClusterSSH on my notebook. Now that I have seen and used it, I really wonder how I’ve survived all these years without it.

As the name suggests, its essentially meant for cluster administration, where the need for issuing the same command on all nodes is a very common requirement. The good thing is that its not limited to clusters. If you add a bunch of hosts either on the command line or in the config files, fire up cssh and you get a separate Xterm for each host you add, except that you also get a little box in which whatever you type is echoed on all the terminals. Just what the doctor ordered. Very nifty indeed.Roblox Robux Hack 2017

I was then able to check the mail queues, configure the SMTP servers, restart the mail services, all from one place simultaneously on all three servers. A real time saver.

So what kept me up till 0330 hrs, was one of the servers not clearing its queue. Once everything was working, I just couldn’t enough of ClusterSSH and stayed up playing with it till Jyoti came in search for me and dragged me away from it.

With that as a start of the Independence day for me, I finally got some rest, but clearly not enough. I was woken up at 0830 hrs to fix yet another mail server. Why, oh why do these servers have to misbehave on a National holiday. The issue turned out to be minor and got solved rapidly. Now to actually get back to holidaying.

wanted to fly some kites so we went out in search for some kite flying experts. Jyoti’s brother Navin is quite an ustaad at it and with his help we managed to get three of our kites up and rather high at that. Some of the kids from a neighbouring village watched in amusement as we tried to get some more kites up and finally came to our rescue.

We ended the day with a long awaited annoucement – FOSS.IN/2008 dates and venue. November 25-29, 2008 at the National Science Symposium Centre, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

Hope you had a good Independence day too!


PS: Some important info on ClusterSSH that I left out:

I use Fedora 9 on my laptop and found ClusterSSH in the repositories, a simple “sudo yum install clusterssh” worked great for me.

Use cssh -u > $HOME/.csshrc to create your default config file.

Adding the cluster and server tags to .csshrc did not work for me, I finally used /etc/clusters for that, the syntax is simple:

clusters = myboxen

myboxen = username@hostname1:port username@hostname2:port

It helps to have your SSH keys already copied on the target hosts.

Its the time to upgrade…

Its been a while since I posted anything, in fact, come to think of it this is probably the worst case of writers block that I have had in a while. Can’t seem to get down to writing anything at all and add to that a slightly exaggerated work schedule and it only gets worse. Well, now I have a good reason. Yesterday, saw the release of Fedora 9 (Sulphur). Normally, I don’t write about a distro until I have actually installed or upgraded, but this time I have a question as well. Should I stick with Fedora and go to 9 or should I be looking at Ubuntu. Some friends have been after me for a while to switch to Ubuntu. I have actually given it a test drive several times but somehow, I just seem to come back to Fedora. Most of the servers I run and manage are all running Centos, so this brings me to the question:

What distro should I run on my laptop?

a) Ubuntu – supposedly slick and everything just works. Plus now has Long term support.
b) Fedora – Familiar is favourite. Cutting edge, most innovative and still my favourite.
c) Centos – A step back, but stable and longer life-cycle.

Last year when I was at FOSS.IN I met with Rahul Sundaram who gave me the time tested “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” when I asked if I should upgrade from Fedora 7 to Fedora 8. I normally, like to wait for a while for the dust to settle down before I upgrade my main machine (my laptop) after all my livelihood depends on this machine. I can’t afford to spend hours trying to fix it to keep things running. I need it to be reasonably stable and extremely reliable.

Right now, I don’t have a choice, I do need to move on. Come June 13th and Fedora 7 will die. At least officially, and then there will be no more updates to it. Running a rapidly changing distro does have that disadvantage, but of course the changes in the new ones are always something to look forward too.

My gut (and its a large gut) feel is to stick with Fedora, just curious to know what others who may be in a similar state are doing?

Would love to get some comments and feedback. Plan is to change over this weekend. Fedora 9 looks tempting and I will be installing it to play around with. Yes, I did manage the download, despite all the chokes.


Comment on my photos…

if you’d like to! I just opened up comments on my Photo Gallery but only in the nature section. Would love to hear what you think of the photos, good, bad and ugly all comments are accepted. Comments are not moderated so I will only delete ones with profanity!

Been working on some different stuff the last two weeks, one of them is a firewall distro called pfSense which is FreeBSD based and quite neat. Got one running at a friends place, but am having a few issues with the next two that I need to get out of the way. Hopefully, will get resolved in a day or two.

The other exciting bit of work was trixbox, I need to setup a PABX for a client and real soon now. Biggest issue has been getting the trixbox distro. Apparently, there was an issue and they held it back for a while, it just happened to be the day I wanted to download it. I finally managed only to discover that the media I burnt it on had some problem and the mediacheck failed!

Wonder if I’ll manage to fix it some time soon.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

<img src="http://kishorebhargava cialis livraison.com/gallery/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=6924&g2_GALLERYSID=53d61f59f4f35a1a5814161e51c5dce2″ alt=”Curious Kid” title=”She was wondering what I was up to hunched over my tripod, and she hunched back!” height=”100″ width=”150″ />

Still updating photos every now and then.


PS: I did manage to upgrade my laptop to 2 GB RAM!

freed.in/2008 Day Zero

Today was Day 0. Murphy our good friend (of Murphy’s Law fame) of course has to be there and we had our share of things going wrong, but if they didn’t what fun would an event be. At least for the volunteers part of the excitement comes for the stuff that happens backstage that nobody gets to see. Day 0 does have some of the speakers landing up an experiencing the problems as well. In all, it was good fun day. There were some minor changes in the schedule. The usual confusion for speakers arriving at the airport, one of them was asked to wait under a “neem” tree, some of the innocently asked “…are you tired?…” and then convinced to come to the venue only to get back to the hotel by 2200 hrs.

Though it was late for dinner, they did manage to order in pizza’s and a good time was had. Jace
was the only one carrying a camera today but you can expect photos to start coming up soon enough.

Tomorrow should be an even more fun filled day, so come and be a part of it.

See you at freed.in/2008.


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