Hope you had a good holi…

we certainly did.

Holi this year was quiet yet a lot of fun. We had several of Kabir’s friends turning up to mix their colours and plot their moves from our place. Our other visitors were Aunty, Kavi and Ira, Ravi, Candy and Udit, Navin, Tanushri, Aniket and Parth and then just us.

Food was done in advance and the beer was chilled! A good time was had by one and all. Here are a few photos:

Aunty in a quiet momentCandy Pondering

Coloured Faces of HoliQuiet Moment for Dad and Son

Not many taken since the camera was getting coloured, but there are a few more in the gallery.

Hope you all had a good and safe holi too!


4 thoughts on “Hope you had a good holi…”

  1. Happy holi to you too!! It snowed here and the winds were so strong that we couldnt step out. The pictures look nice 🙂

  2. Happy holi !! It snowed here and strong winds, so much for our HOli. Hope you had a good one. the pics look nice

  3. Oh yes Holi was fun for us too, but how come you and Navin are so clean. Simran really enjoyed this year both at school and home. Our colony roads are all pink and green, and the rain made it even more fun. Happy Holi to all.

  4. Hello, good to read and see that you had a good holi. It was snowing here all through the Easter weekend. The sun has finally come out though ! hope you have been well ?

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