OMG…what have I gotten into!

This is completely hilarious. I know I am a confirmed geek but to get comments from Jyoti on my blog is really a bit much. We are a whole family of geeks. We chat via IM, we SMS, we email and sometimes all of this happens when we are in the very same room! I was wondering when I would actually get around to making another post. I guess its happened a lot sooner than I had expected. While I am here, I’d like to put in a quick update on some the ongoing and upcoming FLOSS events in my life.

  • The Bioinformatics workshop at JNU is now entering its 3rd week. Great excitement all around. This last week had the domain knowledge lectures which were very interesting indeed. I learnt some pretty strange stuff and quite enjoyed the few sessions that I managed to attend.
  • ILUG-Delhi announces FreeDel 2006. This year we are hoping to get the event co-hosted by JNU. Planning meetings and arrangements have begun I am sure the mailing list and the website will have the announcements out soon enough.
  • Confirmed rumours now state that FOSS.IN/2006 will definitely be held this year. There were doubts whether the event would be held at all and I am glad that it will. Dates, Venue etc are still being decided.

Sounds as if there will be plenty of action and soon enough. Till the next time…


Biting the Blog Bullet!

Hello World,

To Blog or not to Blog has been the question for a very long time. At least in my mind and I am sure in the minds of many others who keep wondering what this whole blogosphere is all about. Ironically, I have actually helped quite a few people get their blogs together and even a few corporates convinced that blogging could be good for them. The instant question that comes my way, is “Hey! so if blogs are so good where is yours?” Well, I’m just plain lazy and if I can avoid writing I would. But every now and then I do get the urge to write something and then share it with family, friends and sometimes clients. Sometimes, I also feel like just writing for the heck of it. I guess there’s no place better than a blog for that!

So here I am after clearly stating that “I have no intention of blogging” chewing my own words and starting a blog!

Now comes the tough part, what does one write about? Well, some blogs are essentially online diaries and you get the usual dose of “…yeah I woke up and brushed my teeth today…” but do I want to do that? No Way! My plan is simple, sometimes people are just curious as to what I am doing and I hope to answer some of that via this platform. Sometimes, I just feel like writing an article, I no longer want to publish them in print so again here’s the best spot.

A very long time ago the first personal website of mine that I had setup (on Compuserve, long before we had Internet access in India), had an interesting theme, technology, food, music and travel. Thats what I wanted to share the most. Well, over the years things have not changed that much. I’m only adding photography to that list now. Of course, the usual dose of whats happening on the FLOSS scene in India and sometimes the urge to just rant! Thats what you’re going to find here.

For all those who have patiently waited for me to start blogging, its finally happening I hope I can keep the site exciting enough for you all to come back and read it every now and then.




This is essentially a place holder site. I have no intentions of blogging. At some point of time, I may put up some info about myself but I really doubt it.

In the meantime, if you stumble upon this site, feel free to send me mail. Someday, I might get around to putting some real content here.


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