Photo Anomalies

With all good intentions one normally sets out to get the best images. But sometimes, you just forget or sometimes you just get it all wrong. Here are some of my images that went totally wrong in technical terms but I feel they still look kinda neat.

We all moved... Fast moving kid Dawn, Dusk or just Dust! Prickly Heat Silhouttes Glades or Blades

There are a few more images in the gallery and hopefully there will be some updates.

While on the issue of updates, I am not sure how or why but Kabir seems to be convinced that he should start a photoblog of his own. Here’s his first post. Not sure why he chose this shot of the airport as his first post specially since he has some really nice images from Goa.

Looking forward to those.


8 thoughts on “Photo Anomalies”

  1. The little bird in the reeds in sepia coloured shot: This looks like a Japanese painting and can stand as an intentional work of art even if done by chance. Please move it out of Anomalies to a suitable collection.

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