News gone wrong

News in the post-PC era.

For a while now many of us read our news on a tablet of some sort. The apps available for news reading are many and varied as well. From the publishers of print papers to a totally customised and personalised news magazine lots of choice exists.

But there are times when I find that these news apps, get things wrong. It might be because the content is still formatted for a PC but displayed on a tablet or might be something else all-together. The biggest of these issues seems to be inappropriate images with the headlines.

Here are a few examples:

In the image above, the headline, the story and the image had very little to do with each other.

Another common issue is the overuse of TLAs:

At first glance, this seemed like a news item about a leading Indian political party, in which case the news is hilarious, it turned out to be a photography journal instead so all is well:

At times, it can also be really sad and insensitive. India for some reason is always shown with a sense of mysticism but in this case a little sensitivity was needed:

Have you come across such items while reading news on your tablets?




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