Manali – Vashisht – Naggar

During the summer break we do try and get out of Delhi for a while and as soon as Kabir got back from his Bangalore vacation we planned a trip into the hills. Our trusted friend and hardware provider Amit, has a little shop in Manali that he wanted to visit and we decided that we would drive up along with him and his family.

The biggest problem with driving out is having to wake up at an unearthly hour to start the journey in order to beat the traffic and have a smooth drive. Despite protests from everyone, we did manage to leave the house by 0530 hrs and got out of Delhi well on time.

Jyoti was the car DJ and kept the music running through the entire drive. A very good mix of it ensured I did not fall asleep. With the various minor stoppages, we made pretty good time and reached just outside Kullu within 12 hours. The drive was pleasant, we had rain in some places in the plains and as we hit the hills it cleared up and the weather was great. A little warm but fresh mountain air instead of diesel.

Well, the trip report could go and on, so I won’t because I am sure Jyoti will be writing one out soon enough. I just wanted to share some of the photos that I took during the trip. I got some good views and some great people shots.

Group Photo at Palchan Aashna with new cooling glasses

Amongst the clouds Interesting bridge across the waterfall

For some strange reason, the drive back was not that great. Maybe it was the fact that we would have to get back to work as well. But the Delhi border was blocked solid and it took over two hours to get in. The road after Karnal was also just plain SLOW. Final drive time was over 18 hrs.

Trip was good and we all enjoyed it.


3 thoughts on “Manali – Vashisht – Naggar”

  1. Thank you Kishore for sharing your beautiful pictures! The Kullu Valley series made me especially happy – though also feeling a bit homesick: I have spent several months up in Naggar some ten years back and absolutely love the place! Not much seems to have changed since. The Kaistha family from Ragini Hotel are good friends – It was nice to meet Manoj and his father after such a long time in your GREAT Galleries!



  2. Hi! Michael, its really such a small world. Who would have thought that of all the places you would land up in Naggar. Of course, once in Naggar its difficult to avoid Manoj, not that you would want to avoid him 😉 They are a great family and excellent hosts. I got snowed in there once for a few days, was most enjoyable.


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