And Goa happened…

Phew! it was quite a task. Earlier this year, Jyoti planned a nice little vacation for the three of us in Goa. It was a great trip, we got off at the airport and were greeted with a car, which I then proceeded to drive around all over Goa. At least it seemed that way. At the end of the vacation I had driven at least 1500 kms so I guess we did cover a lot of ground.

We started by going to North Goa and stayed in Baga for a few days and then into the more dense forest area at Molem and ended with the calm and serenity of South Goa at Sernabetim. Trip report is on Jyoti’s blog.

One of the things that was also planned, was to look at the possibility of buying a small apartment, which we could use as a get-away home.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

We did get a little bit of a break here, when our neighbour from Gurgaon told us about a friend wanting to sell his apartment. From that initial meeting to almost three months, several emails and phone calls we finally managed to get the place.

We are now the proud owners of apartment 211at Las Palmas, Arpora, Goa.

There were a lot of anxious and tense moments for all involved, with the lawyers and banks asking for all kinds of papers, but it finally concluded.

I was too tired to take photos and Jürgen who was carrying a new camera was very willing to use both his own and my camera so we got some shots of the place.

Photos are in the gallery:
Balcony viewBhatji getting ready for the HavanJyoti CallsJürgen, Carli, Jyoti and BhatjiPooja by proxyView of the Apartment

As Jyoti put it, we are now Bhargoans ?


12 thoughts on “And Goa happened…”

  1. Congratulations Bhargoans! I can hardly wait to take full advantage and spend a few days at the new house.. with the pool and place to walk and all. Looks real good.

  2. Thanks, will take a little while to set the place up for use, but the moment its done, you should visit.

  3. Congrats to both of you, especially Jyoti because I know that she has been on top of this for a long time trying to make it happen and finaly it did. Great. So when is the party in Goa?

  4. Thanks, Candy – It sure seems to be a long time, took three months of hard work. We all deserve a party. As soon as the place can be setup we will do it.

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  6. Hi Kishore. We are a couple living in Delhi and just came across your blog. Needed your advice with regards to Goa if you could spare ten minutes of your precious time to talk to us. If possible do please let me know your contact details(email id, ph no).
    Nikita Wu

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