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Comment on my photos…

if you’d like to! I just opened up comments on my Photo Gallery but only in the nature section. Would love to hear what you think of the photos, good, bad and ugly all comments are accepted. Comments are not moderated so I will only delete ones with profanity!

Been working on some different stuff the last two weeks, one of them is a firewall distro called pfSense which is FreeBSD based and quite neat. Got one running at a friends place, but am having a few issues with the next two that I need to get out of the way. Hopefully, will get resolved in a day or two.

The other exciting bit of work was trixbox, I need to setup a PABX for a client and real soon now. Biggest issue has been getting the trixbox distro. Apparently, there was an issue and they held it back for a while, it just happened to be the day I wanted to download it. I finally managed only to discover that the media I burnt it on had some problem and the mediacheck failed!

Wonder if I’ll manage to fix it some time soon.

<img src="http://kishorebhargava cialis″ alt=”Curious Kid” title=”She was wondering what I was up to hunched over my tripod, and she hunched back!” height=”100″ width=”150″ />

Still updating photos every now and then.


PS: I did manage to upgrade my laptop to 2 GB RAM! – Days One, Two, Three and Beyond

Phew! it was tough, three days of intense talks and a very vibrant conclave. But it was fun. The organisers realised early enough that none of them would have time to write blogs or take photos, they just about managed to attend some talks and some parts of the conclave in between the organising, so very cleverly some speakers from the community were volunteered. Sankarshan became the official blogger for the event and Jace became the official photographer. Photos started appearing on flickr with the tags freedin and freedin2008, so if you search you’ll find a bunch. Now I am in recovery mode, hoping to stay away still the next which might be held in Kolkata in September if we manage to swing it, else in Delhi again next year in February. Of course, in between that I will have FOSS cialis generique pas cher.IN to contend with.

While I don’t post-process my photos too much just a little cropping and brightening sometimes, the Airoli ones will come up soon now. Here’s another boat shot after the tide came in.

Finally, some water...


Mixed Up Confusion…

So what else is new, besides being lazy and procrastinating and also claiming that I have writers block, I have actually been busy! Some quick things before they get skipped over all together:

I finally sat down and wrote an article for The Mint. Basically, a simple article on how best to use your smart phone. The article can be seen on the Mint site here. It didn’t get too much user feedback or comments and the one comment that did come in was quite funny!

Apart from work, the other stuff thats been keeping me busy is of course We are less than a week away and things are looking good. It is going to be a much smaller event but IMHO it will be very focussed and fruitful. Some of the pre-event discussions have been tremendous. Do check the site out, the action is about to start.

I did also travel though for a short trip to Mumbai and apart from the work managed a quick photo outing with old friend Krishnan. We went to Airoli Bridge Project and waited all morning for the tide to come in but that did not happen. However, not disheartened, we sat on the banks and shot away. I managed to get some good shots and while I am still sifting through them, here’s a nice view of the boats on a dry dock!

Waiting for the tide...

In the meantime, if you are anywhere near Delhi between the 22nd-24th of February, do drop in at!


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Photo Updates

The usual story, too much work and too little time to write, besides can’t think of anything exciting to write about right now, so here are a few photo updates:


There are more photos to come, but not getting a chance to upload, hopefully will over the next few days.


Moonshine, and not the Fedora kind this time…

I have for a long time wanted to be able to shoot celestial objects, somehow most of my experiments resulted in dark and blurry images not really capturing what I saw. I recently read a tip which I thought I’d try out and this was the result of it:

To get this shot, I set my camera to ISO-800, Manual mode, Spot Metering, Aperture to F8 and then adjusted shutter till the meter showed correct exposure. Of course, the camera was mounted on a tripod. Its still not as sharp as I would have liked it to be, but its the best moon shot I have managed so far. This is with a 500mm lense, unfortunately, I don’t have a telescope and attachments for that.


Father’s Day

Not sure how this one works, do you just wish all fathers? Or only your own? I called my Dad a while ago and asked him how things were. He said “Not so happy…” It turns out that yesterday they had an incredibly long power-cut in their area. Essentially, a transformer was being replaced. Since, it meant getting a new transformer, folks were expectantly waiting for the job to be completed. However, little did they know the disaster it would cause. Somebody, connected it all wrong causing several homes to lose several appliances and gadgets. Dad was upset cause his electronic clock, shaver and a few power adapters blew. But luckily nothing big lost. Anyway, tried to cheer him up and he seemed happy at the end of the call.

Kabir gave a me a nice card last night just as the clock turned past midnight and currently trying to drag me away from my machine and do something for “Father’s” day.

So Happy Fathers day to all. Hey Kartik, a special one for you!



Last week (9th June, 2007) Prof. Eben Moglen was in town and gave a
talk to a rather small and cozy audience. I managed to get be there and
also carried my camera so got a few photos:

Eben Moglen – On Software Patents

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