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My Flickr Photos

Was browsing around for ways to display photos for another site that I am currently working on, when Jyoti stumbled upon FlickrSlidr which does a nice dynamic slideshow of your Flickr photos. I don’t have too many photos on my Flickr account, and many of those which I do have are published elsewhere too, some on my photo of the day site, some on my gallery and some on CreativeDot.

But for a quick glance am putting them here as streaming movie Get Out 2017 online

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Photo of the day – Kid series

Kids Photo Series – Photo of the day

While gathering photos for my POD site, I decided to do a series on kids. Over the years, I have managed to get some good photos and this should be a collection of those.

Many of the photos are totally candid and of kids I come across while travelling, the rest are kids from the family and friends connection. Don’t be surprised to find a kid you may know.

I certainly enjoyed taking some of the photos, I hope you enjoy seeing them.


PS: Do remember to click on the “Image Info” to read more about it, and if inclined, please do post a comment. (TIA)

Manali – Vashisht – Naggar

During the summer break we do try and get out of Delhi for a while and as soon as Kabir got back from his Bangalore vacation we planned a trip into the hills. Our trusted friend and hardware provider Amit, has a little shop in Manali that he wanted to visit and we decided that we would drive up along with him and his family.

The biggest problem with driving out is having to wake up at an unearthly hour to start the journey in order to beat the traffic and have a smooth drive. Despite protests from everyone, we did manage to leave the house by 0530 hrs and got out of Delhi well on time.

Jyoti was the car DJ and kept the music running through the entire drive. A very good mix of it ensured I did not fall asleep. With the various minor stoppages, we made pretty good time and reached just outside Kullu within 12 hours. The drive was pleasant, we had rain in some places in the plains and as we hit the hills it cleared up and the weather was great. A little warm but fresh mountain air instead of diesel.

Well, the trip report could go and on, so I won’t because I am sure Jyoti will be writing one out soon enough. I just wanted to share some of the photos that I took during the trip. I got some good views and some great people shots.

Group Photo at Palchan Aashna with new cooling glasses

Amongst the clouds Interesting bridge across the waterfall

For some strange reason, the drive back was not that great. Maybe it was the fact that we would have to get back to work as well. But the Delhi border was blocked solid and it took over two hours to get in. The road after Karnal was also just plain SLOW. Final drive time was over 18 hrs.

Trip was good and we all enjoyed it.


The funny roadsigns collection…

Convenienof? Batter Future! Shall I turn or not?

While driving around, I often come across some really funny signs. Unfortunately, its not always easy to capture them. However, I did manage a few and that’s what this post is about. I am currently putting up just two photos, but will add more soon. I had put only one of them earlier, and got several calls saying if this is supposed to be a collection, then where are the others?

The first sign, is put up by the Delhi Metro folks on the road to Gurgaon, where there is lots of construction activity and the road is constricted.

The second, is hilarious. Put up by HUDA on a new road, promising us a “batter” future!


Truck Graffiti

Every now and then one comes across some really funny graffiti on trucks. I saw this one in the morning. Unfortunately, I was not carrying my camera and had to use the one on my phone and that too while driving! I have never used my phone camera before and fumbled quite a bit, but got the essence of the writing on the truck.

More graffiti and signage coming soon, I have lots of really funny ones.


Photo Anomalies

With all good intentions one normally sets out to get the best images. But sometimes, you just forget or sometimes you just get it all wrong. Here are some of my images that went totally wrong in technical terms but I feel they still look kinda neat.

We all moved... Fast moving kid Dawn, Dusk or just Dust! Prickly Heat Silhouttes Glades or Blades

There are a few more images in the gallery and hopefully there will be some updates.

While on the issue of updates, I am not sure how or why but Kabir seems to be convinced that he should start a photoblog of his own. Here’s his first post. Not sure why he chose this shot of the airport as his first post specially since he has some really nice images from Goa.

Looking forward to those.


Hope you had a good holi…

we certainly did.

Holi this year was quiet yet a lot of fun. We had several of Kabir’s friends turning up to mix their colours and plot their moves from our place. Our other visitors were Aunty, Kavi and Ira, Ravi, Candy and Udit, Navin, Tanushri, Aniket and Parth and then just us.

Food was done in advance and the beer was chilled! A good time was had by one and all. Here are a few photos:

Aunty in a quiet momentCandy Pondering

Coloured Faces of HoliQuiet Moment for Dad and Son

Not many taken since the camera was getting coloured, but there are a few more in the gallery.

Hope you all had a good and safe holi too!