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The Raghu Dixit Project

Last year while preparing for FOSS.IN, I heard The Raghu Dixit Project for the first time. The track I first heard was in Kannada and though I did not understand any of it, the music sounded great. Later, I started keeping a lookout for their music and when they launched a CD I was thrilled. Here was my chance to give the band a fair listening. For some strange reason, I was not able to get the CD for quite a while. When I finally bought it, I just couldn’t stop listening to it. I did mention this to the bass guitarist with the band Gaurav Vaz who happens to be a part of Team FOSS.IN and a good friend and he promised to replace my CD for me. Instead, he did much more, on August 24th, The Raghu Dixit Project was performing in Delhi at the 6th anniversary of the YP Foundation. Gaurav, told me to be at the venue and he would ensure that I get in. It was absolutely great. The concert was tremendous, the band really rocked, the crowd was simply thrilled. Conversations on the way out, were all about, “Hey, where can I get a CD of this stuff…” of course if I was in earshot of anyone who asked that question, I pointed them to the closest Music store since the CD is readily available.

Not enough can be said about the music, you just have to listen to it. The really cute gesture, if you do go out and buy a CD is the fact that it comes with a give-away CD with 2 tracks so that you can introduce others to the music as well.

While at the concert, I just wanted to sit back, or stand up and enjoy the music, I was carrying my camera and decided to take a few shots. My flash decided to misbehave so most of the shots were then taken without flash and since I only had my kit lens, the results were not that great. Just a few record shots:

RDP Performing at the YP Foundation anniversary RDP performing in Delhi The awesome blues guitarist for RDP Josh and the amazing technicolour lungi and Bass Guitar

I certainly had a good time, if you get a chance to listen to their music on CD or live, don’t miss up the chance!


PS: Although its tough to pick a favourite track, my current two favourites are the two Kannada ones 😉

gudugudiya sedi nodo (kannada): Raghu’s rendition of one of the poems written by Saint Shishunaala Sharif, a 19th century spiritual poet of North Karnataka, South India. Shishunaala is popular for his simple metaphors to explain intricate philosophies of life. This song urges the listener to smoke a Hookah (a smoking pipe) to understand how one should lead life! Open the small cloth bag called mind, pull out the hash called greed/lust, crush it in a chillum called faith and light it with a fire called intelligence, Smoke that Hookah, he says.

Tyris Jazz Rocks Gurgaon…and nobody knows it!

There’s great Jazz and then there’s great Jazz.

Its happening right here in Gurgaon, but people don’t seem to know about it. The little business hotel on way into Gurgaon, Fortune Select has some great music and musicians but not enough people coming in to listen. I saw the hoardings a few weeks ago and I was curious, later when on a routine visit to my Doctor, he recommended relaxation by beer therapy and Jazz, and I heartily agreed.

dsc_3890.jpg dsc_3893.jpg

dsc_3894.jpg dsc_3896.jpg

If you like music and specially Jazz, then you must definitely visit. It does get a bit full on Friday nights and they are closed they take a break on Tuesdays but the rest of the week, JAZZ ROCKS!