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Tyris Jazz Rocks Gurgaon…and nobody knows it!

There’s great Jazz and then there’s great Jazz.

Its happening right here in Gurgaon, but people don’t seem to know about it. The little business hotel on way into Gurgaon, Fortune Select has some great music and musicians but not enough people coming in to listen. I saw the hoardings a few weeks ago and I was curious, later when on a routine visit to my Doctor, he recommended relaxation by beer therapy and Jazz, and I heartily agreed.

dsc_3890.jpg dsc_3893.jpg

dsc_3894.jpg dsc_3896.jpg

If you like music and specially Jazz, then you must definitely visit. It does get a bit full on Friday nights and they are closed they take a break on Tuesdays but the rest of the week, JAZZ ROCKS!


The Perfect Brew

Sometimes, one just wants that perfect cup of coffee. Actually, one really wants it all the time 😉 Going to the various coffee outlets in town does not always work cause reaching there and coming back can be harrowing enough to dilute the affects of the brew itself. The answer lies in brewing your own coffee. Someday, I am going to reach the point where short of growing my own coffee nothing else will do. In the meantime, here’s a well kept secret. Devan’s Coffee & Tea is hidden in one corner of Khanna Market. Most people don’t even know where Khanna Market is. Its at the end of Lodhi Colony in New Delhi. Keshav Devan who runs the place is a really kewl guy. He knows his coffee and and he knows his tea. But best of all he knows his customers. I go there every few months when I run out of coffee and get fresh coffee roasted and ground to perfection. He remembers the blend I like and the coarseness of the grind. I normally take small packets of 250 gms each so that they stay fresh enough. I also sometimes take the roasted beans and grind them at home but its not the same. Devan’s has a at least 9 different blends of coffee, the two main coffees are Peaberry and Plantation A, but Keshav seems to mix them, grind them and roast them differently enough to satisfy most coffee drinkers.The coffee that I like most from Devan’s is Peaberry. Its a low-acidity nice aroma coffee. Its perfect to drink black. Off-late though I decided to try a slightly different blend, Peaberry blended with a Dark Roast of Peaberry. Ratio of 80:20 the dark roast makes it ideal to dispense from an espresso machine and the bulk still remains my favourite Peaberry. Makes for the perfect brew!

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Camera Woes

Sunday we had a pretty good ILUG-Delhi meeting. Lots of things discussed and many Todo’s assigned for Freedel. Usual affair after a LUG meeting is the eating time. We all headed out to Cafe Coffee Day at Vasant Kunj. Just outside the CCD, was a very tempting “chaat” stall so we stopped over there and grabbed some chaat. Unfortunately, someone was not paying attention while grabbing and a whole plate of chat spilled on to my camera! I managed to clean it at that time and use it for the rest of the evening. The next day at home I sat and cleaned it up a bit more. The built-in flash was getting stuck earlier but seems to be fine now. The kit lense was soaked in dahi, chutney and masala but also seems fine. Keeping fingers crossed and hope it continues to work, or else I’d have to track down Nikon service for a quick session. In the meantime, here are some random food and people shots from the evening:

Fateful Plateful - The plate of chat that was all over my camera! Salim Bhai Salim Sonu Sonu - Our favourite Kulfi haunt  Anxiously awaiting Kababs

For more photos check the gallery.

A friend of mine recently pointed out this really nice game, for all you photography buffs, here ‘s a chance to get published on the front page. Stop Press! Warning: its addictive!



Food for thought

New Year began with some good fooding, we barbequed on the 31st night, there was huge amounts of stuff to cook and eat and also tons of rotis and daal etc, but none of that got touched, we just ate some of what we grilled, drank, listened to music and waited for the fog to descend on us!Rock ‘n Roll 2017 movie streaming

But early enough we decided to do check a few places that have been on our list out for a while. We started with the nice little Italian restaurant at the Italian Cultural Centre, DIVA. Unfortunately, photography was not permitted so I could not get any photos of the place or the food. But the food was good. There were four of us and two kids, Cousin Ravi, Candy and Udit, Jyoti, Kabir and me. So we decided to order a bunch of stuff. We got a fantastic grilled fish with herbs and lemon sauce, a veal, two 4 toppings pizzas, a salad and a bruschetta. The food was good but not great! The typical Italian food you get in Delhi turns out to be so rich that you normally have to skip the next few meals to allow for it to settle down. At Diva’s the food was not that heavy which is why it was good. The flavours were authentic, the service attentive, friendly but not superfast. All in all, definitely worth a visit. Apparently, membership to the cultural centre is easy to get, and only members are allowed to dine-in.

ILUG-Delhi is known for its meetings, which start on a serious note and once all the work is over, its certainly time to play. One of the favourites of all who get left at the end of the meetings is to go to Saanjha Chulha. This place literally used to be a hole in the wall, but its come a long way from there. It now sports a spanking air-conditioned restaurant with seating for a quite a large number. But the diehards like me still enjoy eating outside where all the action is. Its closer to the kitchen, you can peak in and see whats cooking, you can call out to the chiefs and get stuff cooked precisely the way you want. There are tons of people hanging outside, some sitting in their cars, others huddling around small plastic tables, but the agenda is the same, eat kababs! In the winter, very highly recommened is the fish tikka, the rest of the time the barra’s are to die for, chicken kalmi is an all time favourite, the paneer tikka masala and the mushrooms keep both the meat eaters and the vegetarians really happy and breaks away from all the meat eating. And their long standing killer app the kabab rolls must simply not be missed. If you want a full meal, they do have an assortment of breads and daal etc but stick with the “pudhina” parathas, certainly amongst the best in Delhi.

All this talk of food is making my mouth water and stomach grumble, so I’m off for my next meal. But from the sounds of it less than a week gone by and lots of food happening, I just hope I don’t put on any more weight!


Britania & Co and we’re not talking biscuits

I was recently in Mumbai on work and the very first day that I was there I happened to stumble upon the quaint little place called Britania & Co. As it turns out, its actually a very famous and popular spot. Its a classic Parsi/Irani restaurant that Mumbai is famous for. The family that runs it the Kohinoors are there in full strength. Apparently, Mrs. Kohinoor is the one who started it all off and got all the food and recipes just right but she passed away recent;y, god bless her soul.

Photo: Courtesy Anindo Ghosh

Britania is situated in Ballard Estate, now I would the worst person to tell you where that is cause my geography of Mumbai is pathetic to say the least. I did figure out though that it is near the Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus or what was known as Victoria Terminus or just VT! Also it happens to be near the new Customs House.

Now down to the food, eating with geeks can be a strange experience. They are just not adventurous enough to try anything new. In fact, most of the time they would be downright boring and just order the same dishes to avoid any confusion. Sure enough, the three colleagues I was eating with did just that, they all ordered a “veg biryani”. I decided I was not going to be party to that and went for the “Mutton Dhansak”. No regrets I tell you. The Dhansak was absolutely wonderful. The meat was so tender that it just melted away in the mouth. Dhansak is essentially mutton cooked with a dal (or rather two of them) and then served with rice. The rice is also special, its browned by caramelising it and also has golden brown onions all over it. I also found three little kabab balls hiding in the rice which came as a pleasant surprise!

On the dessert front, I had a tough choice to make, the caramel custard or the chocolate mousse! both are favourites of mine. I quickly counted the days that I might be in Mumbai and decided that I would be able to make it back at least one more time so I would have a chance to try both. I went for the caramel custard and enjoyed that immensely.

Well, lunch ended there but the story does not. I was not able to come back for lunch the next day but came a day after that. I was extremely hungry and wanted to try different stuff. The company was still the same, 3 geeks who seemed scared of the food or me or maybe both. Being the foodie that I am, I took charge of the situation. I told them I was ordering the food that day and they would all just have to eat what came their way.

On my first visit, the one regret that I had that I was not able to talk to any of the family that runs the place. I was keen but it was a busy afternoon and we also had to rush back to work. However, on my subsequent visit I had time. One of the old parsi gentelemen who runs the place came over to me to ask if we were ready to order, this was literally thirty seconds of having entered and still trying to sit down. I guess most people who come here have a good idea of what they are going to eat well in advance. I asked for a minute before we would decide our order. Sixty seconds later, he was back with a smile and and his trusty little notepad and pencil. I took some quick advise from him on a few of the dishes and we landed up with a “Prawn Khr…” the last part of the name was lost in translation, chappati’s, “Sali Boti” and a “Chicken Berry Pulao”

The food was fabulous to say the least. The geeks with me could not believe it. I got a meek “Sir, this food is very good…” out of them and reminded them of two things, one the restaurant was right next to their office not mine and I was not the one who cooked it I just ordered it. Each of the dishes was special, the prawn was in a really spicy thick gravy and went very well with the chappatis. The chappatis would have qualified as thin parathas up north but they were really thin rotis with a dab of oil. Felt healthy. The Sali boti was a mutton dish which was doused in potato chips. The chips themselves were almost like potato straw. Finally, the chicken berry pulao. Apparently, this is one of the only places in the country that you can actually get to eat this. An aromatic rice much like a biryani and extremely colourful with the smattering of red berries, cashews, brown onions etc. A distinct flavour that I must go back and try again sometime.

Dessert time, the choice was easier, I wanted the mousse for sure, I discovered that they also had “misthi dahi” but decided that nothing would come close to a nice chocolate mousse at the end of such a great meal. The mousse it was, and it was delicious.

Well, it finished and despite the fact I was in no hurry, we did have to leave. On the way out, I struck a conversation with the old man, who started me off by saying “Come again soon”. I told him I was from Delhi and that I was not sure when I would get a chance to come back. I also told him that I loved the food and the ambience and that I was really missing my camera. I did ask him if he would have a problem if I took a few photographs on my next visit, without any hesitation, the sweet smile and “I would be honoured” was his reply.

One good reason to visit Mumbai!